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Capital increase instead of mere administration.

You probably have the same basic objective for your investments as that of most other highnet worth investors: no losses. Constant capital growth is more important for you than an abrupt increase with severe volatilities.

We meet our clients´expectations by focussing on continuous added value according to our investment philosophy. The common objective we share with our clients is to achieve the targeted returns in a sustainable and purposeful manner by considering the risk level you have specified before.

You determine, we invest.

Your personal needs determine upon all investment decisions. You alone decide on the risk level, the expected returns, the investment horizon and strategy and also on the liquidity requirements of your portfolio. Together with you we define the financial instruments and the asset allocation of your investments. Transparency is the top priority for Albrech & Cie. Asset Management. Accordingly, up-to-date reports inform you about all effected transactions and the development of your assets.